IC More Than Me

A college chapter of the More Than Me Foundation committed to raising funds and awareness for girls' education in Liberia, West Africa.

What is the More Than Me Foundation?

The More Than Me Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides education scholarships for private schooling to young girls in Liberia, the second poorest country in the world. The scholarship includes three years of schooling, uniforms, school supplies, and lunch every day. Currently there are 108 girls in the program and More Than Me is in the midst of building the More Than Me Academy in the heart of Monrovia, Liberia.

Why Liberia?

After a brutal fourteen-year civil war from 1989-2003, Liberia is currently rebuilding itself while being the second poorest country in the world. With finances directed towards rebuilding the economic structure of Liberia, the educational system was compromised due to other pressing needs of the country. 73 percent of their school-aged children are not in school (UNESCO) According to police statistics, rape, often of girls between the ages of 10-14 is the highest reported crime (USAID). The average income of a Liberian family is $1 a day.

How did More Than Me begin?

After visiting multiple other countries in need, founder, Katie Meyler, was eventually sent to the beautiful country of Liberia. After meeting with the locals, Katie felt the joy and love of the Liberian people and knew this where she belonged. While spending time with families in West Point, Liberia, Katie asked numerous children what they wanted most. They all answered “to go to school!”. After sponsoring several children, Katie decided that, with help, she would work to send all of the Liberian girls in need to school.

Where does the money donated go?

Only three cents out of every dollar goes to the operational costs of More Than Me which means $0.97 out of every dollar is going to the education of the More Than Me students. Since winning the $1 million grant from the American Giving Awards from Chase Bank in December 2012, what will the money be used for? Why should I still donate? We are so grateful for the votes we received to win the contest and, like our founder said, “This is just the beginning”! The $1 million will be going straight to the funding of the More Than Me Academy in Liberia. The hopes for the school is to accommodate over 1,000 Liberian girls in need of an education. For the past three years, The More than Me Foundation has been sending students to the Mary Sharpe Memorial Private School, in Liberia, which although has limited space, it has been an excellent source of education for our students. The future projection of the academy is that it will eventually become a self-sustaining boarding school where hundreds of girls in need can receive an education and one day make a difference in the world.